Cream Ale Recipe Brew in a Bag

March 31, 2020
BIAB Recipes

A simple and delicious recipe from Erik Beer.  Est ABV: 5.2%, IBUs: 16-20, Est OG: 1.051–55, SRM: 3-4. Check out our simplified step-by-step guide for brewing the All Grain BIAB version of this recipe using a Sous Vide.

1. Grains


- 4 lbs Ultralight Malt Extract

- 4 lbs Pilsner Malt Extract

- 1 lb Flaked Corn

All Grain - 

- 5 lbs 2-Row Pale

- 5 lbs Pilsner

- 1 lb Flaked Corn

*Mash at 150 degrees for 60min

2. Hops

- 1.5 oz Czech Saaz (60min)

- 0.5 oz Hallertau Hersbrucker (60min)

- 0.5 oz Czech Saaz (20min)

3. Additions

- 8 oz Corn Sugar (5min for Extract, 10min All Grain)

- Clarifier (5min)

4. Yeast

- White labs: WLP001 California 

- Alternatives

- Wyeast: 1056 American

- GigaYeast: NorCal Ale #1

- Imperial: A07 Flagship

- Fermentis Dry: US-05 American

*Ferment between 66–68°F

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