Adjusting the Height of the Sous Vide in Your Kettle

March 27, 2020
Tips & Tricks

Here are a few quick ways to make sure your Sous Vide is at the right level inside of your kettle. 

immersion cooker in beer brewing kettle

There is a very good chance that this will happen to you... You get all set up and then realize that your built-in Sous Vide clamp doesn’t put it at the right level for the amount you are heating or brewing. Here are two ways that you can adjust it to the right height. 

Jerry-Rig It

immersion cooker height adjust

The cheapest way to solve this is to use some wire, cable, or string to suspend your Sous Vide inside your kettle. My preference is 14 gauge electrical wire as it is fairly rigid and holds the Sous Vide in place quite securely. To do this, run the wire through the clamp area to make sure it doesn’t slip down, and then criss-cross around the front to create stability. Drop it down to the right height and then tie the wire to the handle of the kettle. 

Use An Adjustable Hop Filter

immersion cooker in beer hop filter

Also known as a “Hop Spider”, these are mesh filter baskets that sit inside your kettle. We bought our adjustable one from but you can also call your local homebrew supply store to see if they carry something similar. With adjustable hop filters like this one, you can simply drop your Sous Vide down into it and then adjust the hook on the basket to the right height inside your kettle.

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